While North Stand at the Wankhede Stadium was always a hub for the cricket regulars in Mumbai with a few known faces mingling every time there was a match, it was only in the India vs. SL test match in 2009 that the seeds of our Gang were sown because mobile phones were allowed inside for the first time.

And co-incidentally, this match was held at the Brabourne Stadium were Anish Desouza, Ashutosh Shirke and a couple of other North Stand – Wankhede regulars recognized each other.

Straight View

Things moved quickly from thereon and it was decided to watch every match at the Wankhede together from the North Stand.

All of them shared a love for the straight view from up top and thus, even the blocks from where the Gang watched matches together were set – G, H – because they offered the straightest view.


The Gang kept moving forward steadily – they came up with innovative and funny chants, met each other on non-cricket weekends to talk about life and cricket, inducted more like-minded members into the Gang, getting on social media to let more cricket fans about themselves.

A big break came in 2016 during the India vs. England test when the Gang members turned out in force (close to 40 members) in their customary white T shirts and England’s Barmy Army noticed their enthusiasm and perhaps, a kindred spirit too. The Gang received Barmy Army memorabilia and gifted one of their T shirts. The two groups still keep in regular touch on Twitter.

Long Innings

Cut to today, the Gang has grown exponentially in terms of its membership as well as its presence on social media. From getting featured on podcasts with former international cricketers, journalists from India and South Africa to meeting a few legendary cricketers during the 2019 India vs. SA test at Pune through some kind benefactors, the Gang has traversed quite a distance.

But the childlike spirit of camaraderie and unadulterated love for the game remains strong.